The Reference Book

A Logical Layout, Twice the Usual Size, and in Full Color!

A Map for the Journey – Finally…

‘The Reference Book’ is for those of us who want a map to start, or to continue the journey making music on the guitar. It is also for those of us who want a total vision, and full control of every aspect of what we choose to play.

– For Beginner Guitarists looking move forward.
Finally a reference book that provides a clear vision of what is possible with a logical layout.
This may be the only book of Chords, Scales and Arpeggios that you’ll ever need.

– For Intermediate Guitarists exploring chords and scales.
See how they’re related, and how they’re set out on the guitar fretboard.
We’ve done all the hard work of illustrating 1000’s fretboard diagram shapes so that you don’t have to.

– For Advancing Guitarists who want the entire picture and will leave no stone unturned.
The tools for those looking to set a new musical and technical standard for themselves on their instrument

It is for guitarists from every musical genre and walk of life.

GuitarGenius Book Printing

The book is twice the average size – A3 rather than A4 – and in full color! You will have NEVER seen anything like it before!

All material is presented in a manner that ensures that you will see musically related items on the same page. This is best achieved with a large colored format.

‘The Essential Chords. The Essential Scales. The Big Picture’.

First Edition Special Offer

The First Edition is limited to 1000 copies. All 1000 First Edition copies will be discounted, numbered, dated and signed by the Author.


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