Interview with Rob Pyne MP at the Stand up for Solar BBQ

On July the 11th, Cairns Climate Action Network (CCAN) hosted a Stand up for Solar BBQ at the Cairns Esplanade which was supported by CAFNEC.

We invited 20 Solar Businesses from the region, and we also invited Federal, State and Cairns Regional Council elected representatives.
Thank you to Rob Pyne MP, Member for Cairns, who spent some time with us, and graciously let me interview him.

I received phone and email apologies from Warren Entsch MP, Senator Jan McLucas, Curtis Pitt MP, Cr Richie Bates and Cr Jessie Richardson. This is great news as it means that our elected representatives now know that their constituents are taking a stand for Renewable Energy.

CCAN Stand up for Solar by Jennifer FreiPhoto by Jennifer Frei.

Thank you to all of the Volunteers and Staff of CCAN and CAFNEC who made the day possible.


Andy Mack’s Guitar Tuition

MON-SAT: Mobile Guitar Tuition

Ph: 0401 766 693

Servicing: From Edmonton to Kewarra Beach.

Call now to secure your mobile guitar lesson!

Gift Certificates Available

Have you have ever considered the enjoyment and sense of achievement of playing the guitar?
I have now been a private guitar teacher in Cairns for 10 years and I currently have a few places for new students.
My teaching methodology is totally flexible and can include acoustic and electric playing, modern songs, strumming, scales, soloing and music theory.

Lessons are priced at $30 for 30 minutes paid on a weekly basis. Feel free to give me a call or send a message to discuss lessons.

Regards, Andy.

Bluecard Certified
Dip. Music
Dip. Sound Eng.

Author of ‘The Reference Book’.
Also available for Live Music Performance, Live Sound Engineering, Live Production Management and Videography.

Why teach music

JCU Orientation Week with Senator Ian Macdonald and Student Interviews

I had the privilege to speak with Senator Ian Macdonald, The Vice President of the JCU Student Association Laura, and the JCU Sustainability Club’s Lucy and Mathilde at this year’s ‘O Week’.

I also spoke with other Student Leaders and Mentors Aaron, Sarah and Jennifer. My mission is to see how we can empower the community without costing the earth.
It is heartening to see so many intelligent and motivated people at this year’s event.

Senator Ian Macdonald

The Vice President of the JCU Student Association – Laura

The JCU Sustainability Club – Lucy and Mathilde

Business Student Club – Aaron

Inter Alia – Sarah

Creative Industries Student – Jennifer

AMPED – Designs

Here is a showcase of some of the Digital Designs that I have created since 1997.  Please send me a message if you have a project that you feel that I could help you with.

Artefact SunMy business logo created with CorelDraw logoThe logo for my book ‘The Reference Book’ created with Micrografx Draw 6 and CorelDRAW.

Front Cover - GuitarGeniusThe front cover of the book created with CorelDRAW.

GGcom charts close upA close up of some of the charts from the book.

GGcom Book - The Final ProductMy book hot off the press.

Website Cover Website and Video images created with CorelDraw.

Green EavesA logo for a green roofing company created in Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Rainbow Warrior

The ‘Rainbow Warrior’ Created in Maya 3D.

'Heart of Glass'‘Heart of Glass’ created in Blender 3D.

I created the titles in this documentary in Adobe Premiere Pro to look like the titles in Star Wars.


Cairns People’s Climate Action March at the G20

Cairns residents joined millions worldwide for the largest climate mobilisation in history in a march calling for action on dangerous global warming.

Cairns was in the unique situation of holding the People’s Climate March in the same week that it hosted some of the most powerful decision makers in the world at the G20 Finance Summit.

Cairns People’s Climate March – 21 September 2014 from Jennifer Frei

The March



Cr. Rob Pyne



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7 News

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Jason Becker: Inspirational guitarist who has ALS.

Soon after joining David Lee Roth’s band at the age of 20, Jason Becker was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

In spite of Jason’s incapacitation, he continues to compose music. His life and works were documented in the 2012 film ‘Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet’.

Jason continues to inspire millions with his desire to communicate through his art.

‘Disruption’ is the most important movie on Climate Change. Ever.

After having just watched ‘Disruption’, the new, free to download movie on Climate Change, I can recommend it as the most important movie on the subject ever produced.

It spells out the history of Climate Science, social and environmental costs of Climate Change, and the predictions and solutions we have for the crisis.

Please watch the trailer, and download and watch the movie if you can.



PC Speed Boost with SSD (Solid State Drive) Upgrade

It was time to reinstall Windows on my 5 year old Acer Aspire 6930 and I found that I couldn’t. I suspected bad sectors on my HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 operating system (a distribution of Linux) as an interim measure as an alternative to Windows.

Although Ubuntu installed on my faulty drive, I could not install my important graphics and music software such as Cubase, Band in a Box and Corel Draw.

SSDs, just like stick USB drives don’t have any moving parts which make them faster and more reliable. I installed a Samsung SSD 840 EVO. I recommend the upgrade.

“You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave” – The Eagles